Animals have been a staple of film and television for generations, providing memorable moments of comedy, drama and emotion for viewers. From Lassie to Flipper to Marley and Me, animals have been a part of some of the most beloved films and shows of all time.

In the early days of film and television, animals were generally used for slapstick comedy. Films like the Buster Keaton classic The Cameraman featured animals as an integral part of the action, and the Three Stooges often featured animals in their gags. But with the advent of color television, animals began to be used more often in dramas. Lassie, the beloved collie, made her television debut in 1954 and quickly became a sensation. The show followed the adventures of a small boy and his loyal companion, and its wholesome stories of friendship and loyalty made it one of the most beloved shows of the 1950s and 1960s.

Animals have also been used in films to provide an emotional connection with viewers. Marley and Me, for example, used a labrador retriever to tell the story of a young family’s ups and downs. The movie was a huge box office hit, and its tear-jerking ending left many viewers in tears. Other films, like Homeward Bound and Beethoven, have also used animals to tell stories of friendship and hope.

Animals have also been used in animated films and shows. From the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry to the beloved Pixar movies, animals have been used to provide comic relief and moments of heartwarming emotion. Animation has also allowed for more creative freedom when it comes to animals, as producers can create creatures that are larger than life and capable of doing things that would be difficult to pull off in live action.

Animals have been an important part of film and television for generations, and they show no signs of slowing down. From comedies to dramas to animated films and shows, animals have been used to bring joy, laughter and emotion to millions of viewers around the world. The next time you watch a film or show that features animals, take a moment to appreciate their contributions to the story.